Model set-up

Model set-up process

The model was set-up with grid cells dimensions of 50m by 50m (with total modelling area of 3km by 2km, there are 60x40 = 2400 modelling cells). The aquifer was modelled as a single layer, rivers were modelled as constant head cells and the recharge from the north was simulated by the well package of MODFLOW (injection wells). The natural recharge and the pumping wells were provided through the standard Processing MODFLOW interface. Example input of hydraulic conductivity data throgh Processing MODFLOW

Input data

Hydraulic conductivity (K-value)
K1=11 m/day
K2=20 m/day
K3=7.0 m/day
K4=3.5 m/day
Abstraction wells data
W1, W2, W6, W7, W8, W9 - 1200 m3/day
W3, W4, W5 - 400 m3/day
W10, W11 - 1600 m3/day
W12 - 1000 m3/day
Recharge R
0.0006 m/day (0.6mm/day)
Underground recharge from the north
q=4000 m3/day/km

Input data

Zones of hydraulic conductivity and locations of abstraction wells

Topographical data and river water levels data

Elevations of the bottom of the aquifer