Computer codes

Looking for scripts to help you with downloading or using data? Here you can find scripts developed at UNESCO-IHE.

  • HIPy: HydroInformatics tools in Python
  • HILAB-HBV: the first version of the unified HBV model version at UNESCO-IHE
  • Water accounting module: Python module for downloading hydrological, atmospheric, and remote sensing (satellite) data, such as TRMM, CHIRPS and MODIS, developed by our colleagues in the Water Accounting group. A manual is available.

New to Python? You can start by installing Anaconda, which contains Spyder, an interactive programming environment (a little like the MATLAB interface).

To use the Python modules above, you should have a basic understanding of what a Python module is, and how to import one. Then, you can use the module by copying the folder containing the code to an appropriate location on your computer.

There are plenty of tutorials available to help you get started with Python, even if you're completely new to programming. Try:

  • CheckiO, a gamified website with Python challenges. Once you have solved the puzzles, you can look at and rate other users solutions.
  • DataCamp, a Python course focused on data science.
  • Codecademy, an online interactive Python course.